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Targeted Press Releases
Sent Directly to the Media that Writes About, Talks About, Distributes and Syndicates Your News
Online Media Outlets, Search Engines, News Centers, News Blogs and Special Interest Blogs.

Online Media Outlets,
Search Engines,
News Blogs,
Social Media,
Media Blogs,
RSS News
MSN - Live News
Google News
Broadcast, TV, Radio, Talk Shows, Agents, Cable News, Cable Commentators, Pundits, Directors, Host

Broadcast, TV,
Radio, Talk Shows,
Agents, Cable News,
Cable Pundits and
Directors, Hosts
Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, Editors, Reporters.

Newspapers, Trade
Journals, Magazines,
Editors, Reporters
Freelance -
Syndicated -
Press Release Directly To: Media Outlets, News Wire, Freelance, Syndicated, Columnist, Journalist.

Newswires, AP Reuters, UPI and More++

1 Regional Press Release Delivery

Sent To:
Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines,
Online Media Outlets,  News Wire & More USA

Specify your target region on the order form, add any special instructions



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1 National Press Release Plus Worldwide Delivery.
Sent To:
Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines,
Online Media Outlets, News Wire & More USA And Worldwide.

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 1 Local Press Release Distribution

Targeted Press Releases. Distributed to all the media in your local area.

Specify your target city or county when you send us your press release.



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We are seeking American public relations journalist to write press releases, articles and Op-eds.

*Please do not call, send your resume to our email address above.
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New Media - News Content websites for our network of partners.
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Partners that offer related-complimentary services to ours.
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*New: Now Your News Release Will Include Targeting Businesses, Trade Groups and Government Contacts Upon Request. Our Database Contains Over 2 million Media and B2B Contacts.

Our Unique Media Release Distribution Service

We send your news release to media outlets, reporters, journalists, editors, online news outlets and trade groups.

The experience our service provides is unique and enhanced because we personally review each release, then match it to a tailored audience that will generate optimal impact. We send your release directly to the news outlets, reporters, and journalists who create enormous impact for you!

We are competitively priced. Our method is the only way to get your news in front of those that review, write and talk about it:

Every news release is sent by itself; We never group or bundle your release with others.

Our database has over 2 million contacts, broken down into individual target categories and subcategories. When you place your order, we identify your categories based on reading your news release and by any special instructions you may have.

In addition, our editors shape your release for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and check for content quality.

Want Video Press Release Services? If you have a video you would like to embed or link to in your press release, see Video Press Release.

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Same day service.
When requested Monday through Friday up to 7pm EST.,  we will get your news out that same day.
For weekends and holidays, please check first by emailing or calling us.

Free Press Release Writing and Editing Services.

Do you need writing and editing* for your press release? Just let us know. This service is free when you order a press release. Here’s how to take advantage of this unique opportunity:

Supply us with the relevant material and a rough draft of what you want to say in press release format.

Nobody knows your business better than you, which is why all you have to do is send us a rough draft or outline of your release.

That’s all! We'll make sure it's professional and is optimized for your target audience.

* Editing includes, writing / re-writing, extensive grammar and spelling checks, additional copy (up to 20 words) to enhance your effect on target media audiences, SEO optimization to enhance your press releases search engine effectiveness ( up to 3 keywords and/or keyword phrases) and critical analysis of your message.

Press Release Writing Services

  • Have Our American Press Release Journalist Write an Expert Release Bound for Media Attention
  • Enhance Your Chances of Getting Good Press
  • Appeal to the Media Who Talks or Writes About Your Subject Matter
  • Save Yourself the Time, Effort, and the Learning Curve of Writing an Effective Press Release
  • More Information on our Press Release Writing Service


Free Review of Your Press Release Draft.

Not sure if you're ready to distribute your release to the mass media? You can send us your ideas. We'll review it, no charge, no obligation.

Just email us your MS Word, HTML, or Text document.

The press release evaluation request has to say "Review" in the subject line of your email.

Send your draft here:
See our how to write a press release page for layout, format and templates.

Our news release clients have recently been featured on/in the following news media outlets:

Fox News Channel
Shepard Smith, Fox Report
Martha Stewart
Chicago Sun Times
WBBM News Radio
Huffington Post
Business Week
New York Daily News
Finance Tech
Industrial Embedded
Insurance & Technology
wotnews Australian
Business Life (front page)
Sports Illustrated Teen (cover)
Windows IT Pro
New York Times
USA Today
CRM Xchange
Open Congress
ideal house
Well Sphere
The Jaffe Legal News Service
Access North GA
Insurance Newscast
Pharmaceutical Media Group
Industrial Embedded Systems
Inside Arm
Biz Journals
NY Daily News
GearLog (PC Mag)
Structured Finance News
American City Business Journals
PC World Private Equity
EMC Connection
 Los Angeles Times
Mortgage Mag
FOX News Channel
Yahoo News
Denver Business Journal
Commercial Real Estate Online
PC Magazine
APP Scout
Health News Digest
Insurance Broadcasting
Fine Arts LA
SNL Financial
Games Radar
Live Science
ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom
Desktop Engineering
The American Surveyor
Virtualization Technology News and Information
VMBlog -
ATV Source
ZDnet Software as Services Phil Wainewright
CIO -Weblog
global non-profit conservation activist and consumer advocate
Billings Gazette
World Travel Tips
Click Pulse
City Lights
ABC 7 News Baltimore / Wash.
London Times
New York Times
Arizona Foothills Magazine
EIN News
KTIC Radio
Matter Network
Power Online
Google News
Yahoo News
Sustainable Business
Virtual Strategy Magazine
Denver Tribune
Baltimore Sun
D Business News
Travel Video TV
Mid Valley News CA
Google News
ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom
Sandhills Publishing
Google News
American Banker
Mortgage Press
CBS News
NBC’s Today Show
The Shephard Group
Silver Spring Singular
ABC Radio
Wireless Workforce Online
Monitor Radio & TV
Conde Nast Traveller
Italian Broadcasting Magazine
Smart Office
Fox News
Art Calendar
Environmental & Landscape News
Control Global
Channel 9 news
Smart Business Online
IT Newswire
CBS Radio
Data Collection Online
Associated Press
Creative BLVD
Yahoo News
NY Times
Mac Simum News
National Mortgage News
Broker Universe
Channel 2 news
Sugar Shock Radio Show
Industry Watch
LA Times
Magazine Santé
Tablet Pc2
Channel 5 news
Creative Cow
911 Magazine
Chicago Tribune
Cornell Plantations Magazine
ABC News
805 Living
British Council
Geek Stores News
Atlanta Chinese News
Geo Place
Small Business News

Note the above if a brief list of where our clients news has appeared. To see full list go here: press release

Hear what our recent news release clients have been saying about us...

Thanks for everything!
Orrin H.

This release got picked up by every online tech blog known to man, then some podcast, and even a TV show(s)!
John G.

William, I have received more responses then I thought possible from a single release, you certainly are a true professional.   I will be talking to you next month. Thank you, Carmine

Response has been good.   Sincerely,   Mike

You are the best – Thank you ! so far MORE and MORE HAPPY J   Kindest regards, John

Hey Will.
This has been an awesome press release!

Bill, The exposure has been great. You did a bang up job!


Thank you very much for your help, it really was a big help!


Bill, I'm happy to say that our press release is number one story on Google...(keyword)
Good Job. best regards, bob

Thank you for the follow up.  We have had great response to the release and will use your services in the future.  

Excellent Bill! Your SEO services jumped my brand new QuickBooks website to #1.

Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for doing this for us. We have worked very hard this year to get the word out and maximum exposure and your company and involvement have been great.   We will definitely work again in the future and we will make sure to recommend your company to other clubs in our area.

Matt, Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate your efforts... And I'm delighted by your outstanding service.
Warm regards, Scott

Hi Matt, Bill and the Team, I respect you comments..Once again I can't express my appreciation enough.
Thanks, Andy 

Thank you William for all your work. I got 2 contacts yesterday. I am hoping for more maybe Monday after the holiday. Thank You, Molly

Excellent!! Thanks for the prompt response. Thank you - you're awesome.  I gave your name services out to a colleague of mine for her press releases as well - I'm sure she will contact you this week.

Hi William. Overall, I am very happy with you service. The follow up has been exceptional.
Thanks, Greg

Bill,...You and Rapid Press Release have been amazing.
Thanks, Andrew

Wow that was fast, thank you guys. You guys are the best.

We had a great response, thank you.

Thanks for all your help, you've been a great source for valuable information.

Thank you again for all your help in proofing the release ahead of time and speaking with us.

Very smart. I believe I can mention this in one of my travel columns as well as on the air.
Thanks Bill.

The most consistent pre-sales questions we get are:

Will my press release get picked up?
Will my press release get picked up by a major news source?
Yes and yes, we guarantee it.

Your press release, when approved by our editors, will get picked up by one of these top news distribution sources in the world: Google News or Yahoo News.

In addition, we guarantee that at least 1 media resource* and 20 major news webpages** with a total of at least 2 million + unique visitors per month will run your release as well.
In most cases your release will get picked up within 24 hours (maximum 72 hours) - Business days.

*A media resource site is where journalists and businesses go to research news items and find news to write about.

**At least 20 major news webpages with high traffic and good page-rank for SEO. In most cases, you'll get 100 or more quality news webpages that run your press release, including Google News.

"What makes you different from your competition?"
"Why should I choose your service?"

For starters, much of the individuality of our service lies within a personal element you won't find anywhere else - we are the only press release service with whom you will be interacting directly with the editor who will read, edit, and distribute your press release. We care about your products and services, and we want to give our clients the finest experience: your interest is our interest, and your success our success.

Although some of our competitors do a good job sending news, some of whom even doing what we do - highly targeted news releases directed to the reporter, editor, journalist, TV, radio, news outlet, etc. - We are the only service to offer you a guarantee.

"What happens if I get little or no response to my news release?" (Also see FAQ's)

Although we can't guarantee the "reporter" will like your story or product, as nobody can, we will guarantee that if you're not delighted with the response we will send another press release free of charge.

On any given day there are some random factors that can influence the success of a news release.

Like a lot of things in life, "timing" is critical - right place, right time; wrong place, wrong time, etc.

We are the only press release distribution service that will send another press release for you at no additional cost.

It doesn't matter what happened - big news day, you had an emergency and couldn’t respond to reporters, your website was down, your email went down, your cell phone died, the copy for your release could have been better; anything.

Just write another release. Let us know you are not happy. We'll send it for no additional charge.

Before you wonder, "Ok, let me see the fine print", here it is:

The only restrictions are that the new release has to be about your company, products, services, news, events. i.e. you can’t give a friend a "free media release".

The release has to be in the same category. i.e. if you are a new author and your first release was about your new book, the second one has to be about your new book or a different book. You can’t make the second one about your "hardware store business".

You have 30 days to request a new release.

Press Release Retractions: Errors in statements you make (particularly about partners) are not covered. It is always best to get approval from your partners before you make a statement about them - even if you think it is a positive thing - they may not.

Note: Retractions are rare, but when they do occur, it's almost always a statement about a partner that needs to be corrected.

That's it, end of "Fine print".

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We stand behind our service with a one-of-kind pledge and guarantee to you.

After taking a look around our website, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We have a variety of ways for you to contact us at your convenience, use our contact form, call us toll free at 1-888-775-1557or just drop us an .

*The above Guarantee applies to our conventional mass media distribution services only (Local, Regional, National, International). Our SEO services are separate from our conventional mass media distribution services. SEO distributions are "100% paid for results" to improve your websites ranking. Find out more about our SEO Press Release services. New Media, Online Only services are also separate from our conventional mass media distribution services, find out more about our Online Press Release.

Top 10 Reasons to choose Rapid Press Release .com

Highly Targeted Press Releases

Online Press Release Distribution

Online Visibility Press Release

Keep a constant flow of news about your products, services or events...
'In the News' - 'All the Time'.

You get 52 press releases that are distributed to 1000's of News websites and 10's of 1000's of RSS Social Networking feeds.


1 Regional Press Release Delivery

Sent To:
Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines,
Online Media Outlets,  News Wire & More USA

Specify your target region on the order form, add any special instructions



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1 National Press Release Plus Worldwide Delivery.
Sent To:
Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines,
Online Media Outlets, News Wire & More USA And Worldwide.

Specify any special instructions on the order form.



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 1 Local Press Release Distribution

Targeted Press Releases. Distributed to all the media in your local area.

Specify your target city or county when you send us your press release.



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1 Online Press Release Delivery Sent To 5000 Online Media Outlets.
Specify your target group when you send us your press release.
You may also specify a target city, state or region.
*For traditional media plus online media choose: Regional Press Release Delivery or National Press Release Delivery Plus Worldwide Delivery above.


*B2B targeting when requested.

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