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Online Visibility Press Release

Keep a constant flow of news about your products, services or events...
'In the News' - 'All the Time'.

You get 52 press releases, for 1 year, that are distributed to 1000's of News websites and 10's of 1000's of RSS Social Networking feeds.

Online Visibility Press Release Features:

  • Submit 1 Press Release every week and it we'll distributed it online to our entire network of news websites.

  • Use our 'Online Visibility' plan to get exposure to:

    • Consumers
    • Business to Business (B2B)
    • The Traditional Media and the New Media (bloggers, web content producers)
    • Boost your SEO
    • Add name recognition and credibility

  • Social Networking RSS Feeds - Most news websites syndicate their content via news feeds. Every news website on our network has at least 5000 subscribing websites, this greatly increases your press release(s) visibility.

  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Get a boost for your page ranking on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Include the keywords (keyword phrase) in the title and first line of your press release and watch your traffic grow! In many cases your press release will achieve 1st page placement for your keyword on news websites. This is because search engines like Google rank news websites high. This is a temporary rank as other news replaces your content, so that's why you do a press release every week. As you can see from the list below many of the website we distribute to have a Google home pagerank of 6 or better and interior pagranks of 4 or better. PageRank is one of the ways Google helps rank your website; basically the higher the ranking of a website linking or talking about you, the more value Google gives your pages. This results in your site being listed higher in search results.

    Add your SEO keyword, keyword phrase to the dateline so it gets picked up in RSS syndication.

    • An Example for what we would use at

      Press Release Service...Some title with our target keyword phrase in it

      Naples, Fl. - July 18, 2009 (Press Release Service) -- Main body of the release...

  • Google News: Guaranteed placement on the leading syndicator of news: Google News - Our competition charges between $400 and  $1500. for ONE press release to get on this popular service.

  • Upgrade any single press release to our full distribution and save 50% off of our standard fee.

    • For when your news is deservers premium coverage -
      Distributed Directly To Journalists, Reporters, TV, Radio, Newswire, B2B and More.

    • Our media release distribution service sends your news release to; media outlets, reporters, journalist, editors, online news outlets and trade groups. We personally review each and every release and match it to a tailored audience to have optimal impact. We are competitively priced. Our method is the only way to get your news in front of those that review, write and talk about it.

  • Value Added! Get more exposure for your $$$'s
    • If you are using our standard 'Online Press Release' and your principle objective is 'Online Visibility' and SEO and you do at least 6 press releases a year you'll get an additional 46 press release for free!

    • If you are using our standard 'National / International Press Release' and  you normally submit more than 8 press press releases per year, you will save $134.50 for each additional National Distribution. You will also get an additional 44 'Online Visibility' Press Release for free!

  • One time, one website, complete review of your website's targeted keywords and site evaluation is included.

    • Get a full review of your website's keywords. We'll evaluate your keywords, your competitors keywords. We'll give you a detailed report on where we think you should focus your efforts for better search engine rankings.

    • Get a full review of your website's PR appeal, code and navigation. We'll give you our assessment on how we think you can improve your overall website proformance.

Note: This service may not be use in conjunction with any other discount from us. This service may be used to receive discounts on all our other services except for: other packaged press releases, custom services, writing services and custom orders not listed in our press release online store.

If you are a 'Public Relations' company or  service you may use this service for your clients - We provide complete anonymity - so we are not visible to your clients. If you are doing more than 10 press release per month, call us for special discount rates.

Need Help - Questions? We are available toll free: 1-888.775.1557 

Online Visibility Press Release - 1 Year - 52 Press Releases 
*Plus: Save 50% off of our standard fee for premium upgrade distribution.*



(*Save: National: $134.50, Regional: $89.50, Online: $94.50)

Online Visibility Press Release - 1 Year - 26 Press Releases 
*Plus: Save 30% off of our standard fee for premium upgrade distribution.*



(*Save: National: $188.30, Regional: $125.30, Online: $132.30 - You may upgrade to the 52 release package within the first 3 months for $500)

Some of the news websites on our online network:
Press Release Distribution RSS Feeds Social Links Social Text

Below is sample mix, we have a wide variety of news sites for optimal online exposure; Including getting your PR listed immediately with all the major search engines.

Google News
Google News

  Finacial Wire 
Financial Wire

Energy Industry Today
Energy Industry Today 

EIN News

Red Tram


Daytime News 

Technology Today

Computer User

 Music Industry
Music Industry

Inbox Robot - Media Research

Consumer News Today
Consumer News

Healthcare Industry Today
Healthcare Industry

Inside China Today

fwicki f

WIKIO - News Blog

bing Search

Ask Search

Yahoo Search 

world news
World News Report

Wall Street Journal Online 
Wall Street Journal Online
USA Today
USA Today

Radio Business Report



Day Life 
Day Life

US Politics Today
US Politics Today

Invest Trend

HighBeam Research

Big News Network
Big News Network

Cosmetic & Beauty Today
Cosmetic & Beauty

 FWICKI Custom News Portal

Real Time Social Search
What people are talking about.

twitter (social)

Google Search 

AOL Search

Altavista Search

Live Search 
Live Search

Plus Many Others:

News Distribution Outlets & News Outlets
and...Unlimited Viral News Feeds

Valid RSS

RSS and Booking Sites

blogarama - the blog directory




ABC Dig Music

ABC Music

Add To Fwicki RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release


Add to NewsBurst RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release

News bursr

Add to My Yahoo! RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release

My Yahoo

Subscribe in NewsGator Online RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release


Powered by FeedBurner

Feed Burner

Add to Alesti RSS Reader RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release


Subscribe in Bloglines RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release


Add to MSN RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release


Add to Google! RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release

Add to Netvibes RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release


Add to Windows Live RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release

Add to AOL! RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release

My Aol

View with Feed Reader RPR Feeds Press Release Newswire : Press Release




Let people online create PR Buzz and see your news go Viral.

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Terms and conditions for this special offer:

You may resell this service, we suggest you let us know in advance to insure anonymity.

You may not give your user name, password and discount code to anyone except your employees. If you'd like to do a press release for a friend or business partner, you may do so, but, you must send it to us from your registered email address or use you login information to place an upgrade yourself. Press Releases may be from any company you choose.

Your press release will be scheduled to be released within 3 business days.
(normally the next business day for most releases)

1 hour release service does not apply. Note: Mondays are normally the best day for most releases.
Occasionally you may want a 'Rapid Press Release' sent immediately, call our editors to see if they can accommodate your needs. In most cases there is no additional charge (as long as you don't request this too often) and your request will be fulfilled.

No pre-review - sorry, do to high volume we can not pre-review your release.

Editing and writing: No editing or writing is provided for this service. We will read your press release and let you know if it contains too many errors or if it is missing critical components like a title, website link, contact information etc..

Google News: 99% of our press releases and op-eds get picked up by Google News. If for some reason your release does not: we will issue another release in addition to your 52 press release for N/C.

Text only: submit your news as plain text (Notepad). If you send us a MSWord document the formatting will be discarded. Special emphasis will be placed on the headline, subtitle, dateline and paragraph headings only.
(Note: if you upgrade your press release, you'll retain as much formatting as possible with html)

SEO text for the dateline may be edited if it improperly done. (i.e. broken link)

You may upload or send us 2 images and a logo to got out with the release...Most news websites only post text and links...but this is changing as editors are starting to realize the value of images (relating to the story) and technology allows for proper formatting of images to suite the receiving website.
(Note: if you upgrade your press release normal conditions apply - additional images, Flash, YouTube, etc..)

Your Media and Consumer contact information goes only at the bottom of the release.
(Note: if you upgrade your press release normal conditions apply - contact info at the top left as well)

Standard quality applies - you must write quality copy that is suitable for the news. No XXX or Hate. We reserve the right to reject any press release we feel is not suitable for our partners. Remember a press release is not a sales letter or an ad (see press release tips). You may also do Op-ed articles as well.

Satisfaction GuaranteedIndividual listings on specific websites are not guaranteed. Editors and Web Content Managers have the final say on what is appropriate or what gets posted on their individual websites.

We do guarantee your news will get listed on Google News, 1000+ WebPages, 20+ news websites, at least one news website with a Google Home PageRank of 6 or better, syndication on most (if not all) of the major social (news) networks like Twitter. These are bare minimums, most press release will get substantially better results then what is stated above.

This applies to all 52 press releases. If we fail at any of the above, we will give you another press release for no charge as long as you have: 'Standard Quality' and follow our guidance on the headline and 1st paragraph.

Online Visibility Press Release - 1 Year - 52 Press Releases 
*Plus: Save 50% off of our standard fee for premium upgrade distribution.


(*Save: National: $134.50, Regional: $89.50, Online: $94.50)

Need Help - Questions? We are available toll free: 1-888.775.1557 

  • What should I write about every week?

    • For larger companies, this is not a problem. For the small business or individual this can seam a bit daunting. With a little creativity you can pump out PR at a rate you may not thought possible.

      Develop a well thought out 'About Us' paragraph or two that will go on the bottom of every press release. See some actual press releases to see what others say.

      Any 'new' with you company is a potential subject for a press release: new employee, new product, product update, new service, new building, new event, sponsor event, sponsor nonprofit, new website, new website feature or directory or page, new contact information...etc..

      Comment on any news related to your industry, service or products. How do you find news about your area of interest from many sources? Google News! Just go to Google News,, type in a keyword for your area of interest , click search...and unlimited sources of things to comment on are displayed.

      So now that you have good content sources, you proceeded to write a press release every week, add a paragraph or two, with one or two quotes and paste your 'About Us' statement at the end.

      The hardest thing is always the title. For SEO add your keyword or keyword phrase, don't over do it, one keyword (phrase) is recommended per release for optimal results.

      Try to keep the title around 8 words or less (this is what fits into most aggregators 'tidbits' of news. Keep you keyword(s) as close to the start of the title as possible.

  • How professional or press release like should I make my 'Online Visibility' release?

    • That depends...remember that online releases are viral, and our distribution network is very viral, so your releases can end up anywhere, including: potential customers, writers looking to do a story or people seeking employment. Double check your spelling and grammar!

      For SEO, surround your keyword phrase with relevant text that is similar too or supports your keyword. Example: if your keyword is 'dog', use words like: K9, Pet, Breeds...etc.. Type your key word into a search and see what comes up on the first pages for good information on how to surround keywords with supporting SEO text.

      For Consumers or B2B you can get a bit ad like and push your product and services more. Don't get carried away though, a line like this: Hurry, Buy Now Before The going too far for a press release. See some actual press releases to see what others say.

      For Potential Media Attention (non 'upgraded'), must haves: quotes, additional source links and most of all 'Invite or Entice' the media. Offer a free book or product for them to review, invite them to the Event with a free pass, offer a free meal for your restaurant, offer them a free service so they can 'evaluate', etc..

  • Do I have to send a press release out every week?

    • You should try too. Keeping your information in the news constantly is the goal. That said, you may use your press releases at any time, up to 5 per month and 5 from the previous month, for a total of 10 in 1 month. After 60 days you may lose the ability to send the previous missed months (older than 60 days).

  • What if I need to send more than 5 press releases in one month?

    • You may draw from the next month up to 5 press releases.

  • What if I need to send 10 or more press releases every month?

    • When you order this packages, just change the quantity to '2' in your shopping cart.

    • If you need more than 10 press releases per month, let us know, we can make special arrangements to accommodate your needs and expedite the process.

  • I need help with SEO, will you assist me?

    • Yes, you may speak with us whenever you want to target a new keyword or keyword phrase.

    • Here is a list of good tips:

      • Keep your title short: 8 words or less.

      • Put your keyword at the start of the title.

      • Add your anchor link to the dateline like in this example (replace our keyword with yours):
        Naples, Fl. - July 18, 2013 (Press Release Service) -- Main body of the release...

        If your not sure how to do an anchor link, let us know the keyword and where you want it linked (webpage or site homepage) and we will link it for you.

      • Add the keyword 2 to 3 times in the release.

      • Surround the keyword with 'supporting copy'.

      • 'One word' keywords are generally harder to get ranked well...consider 2 or 3 word phrases. Most searchers that are looking for 'specific information' use 2 or more words when searching.

      • The top keyword competition can be fierce, consider the 2nd, 3rd or 4th best keyword(s). These may be easier to get rank well and in the end provide better economic results (cost to get on the first page for a 2nd tier keyword verses a 1st tier keyword).

      • See our SEO press release for other options.

  • Will you guide me on choosing the best keyword(s)?

    • Yes, after you place an order, just call or send an email asking for just that. We'll look at your website, your competitors websites and the major search engine statistics to see what your available targets are and what you should focus in on.

  • When I upgrade a release is there any difference in the distribution or any at change all?

    • No, your press release is treated as normal press release:

      A Full Service: Mass Media Distribution.

  • What is the difference between the 'Online Press Release' and the 'Online Visibility Press Release'?

    •  Our online press release has the same automatic posting to the above websites, plus it is sent directly to the targeted (Online Media) contacts that specifically cover your news.

Need Help - Questions? We are available toll free: 1-888.775.1557