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Local - Regional Press Release

A local or regional press release  is as you define it…counties, state, states or region of a country.

The largest target a press release can be is an area or section of a country such as Central. The smaller the target region the more likely we would send your press release to almost all media outlets in that area. For instance if your target is the City Atlanta GA and the surrounding counties (greater than 30miles) we would send your news to every media outlet in that region, major news outlets and smaller news outlets. If your target is the Deep South or the New York Tri State area your release could target as much as 5000+ outlets in those areas.

In general the larger the region, the more media outlets you would reach.

If your release targets just the area around your town within a 30 to 75 (rural areas) mile radius, see our 'Local Press Release'.

As the region increases in size we target larger outlets, excluding the smaller ones. So if your release is only applicable to a small local area you should specify your target like this: Chicago IL, within 100 miles. This will insure you get optimal results.

All regional press releases will also get their news sent to a small number of national and international outlets as well, based on the content of the press release - and if the larger media outlet syndicates their news into a region we may target that national or international  media source.

  Largest Regions We Distribute To

1.   1 New England: ME, VT, NH, MA, RI
2.   2 Metro Tri State: NY, CT, NJ
3.   3 Mid Atlantic: PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, DC
4.   4 Deep South: NC, SC, GA, AL
5.   5 Florida
6.   6 Mississippi Region: MS, LA, AR
7.   7 South Central: TN, KY
8.   8 Central: OH, MI. IN, IL
9.   9 North Central: WI, MN, ND, SD
10. 10 Heartland: MO, IA, NE, KS, OK
11. 11 Texas
12. 12 Mountain: UT,CO, WY, ID, MT
13. 13 South West: AZ, NM
14. 14 Nevada
15. 15 California
16. 16 North West: OR, WA
17. 17 Alaska
18. 18 Hawaii
19. 19 Caribbean: PR, VI
We target the media based on the content of your press release, the target categories you specify and any media outlets you identify. If you would like to target a specific trade group, magazine, radio show. etc., let us know; it will help us identify your target media groups...We will enter them into the database and that will give us related groups you may not have thought about.

You should give us and the media as much lead time as you can, the longer the better. That said, we can get your news out with our same day press release distribution service at no additional cost.

We have a no charge  process; we'll help you craft your release. We will also edit your press release for you when you place an order for no additional charge...providing you have a good outline of what you want to say and have relevant copy we can look at, like your website. In most cases relevant copy is available.

Local - Regional Press Release Map
After reading your news release:
  • We enter keywords and phrases from your press release and news outlets you would like to target into our database. This will tell us what media outlets have written or talked about your subject matter and what reporter, producer, host, journalist, etc. covers your news.

  • We will target the media outlets that have written, spoken, or aired news similar to subject matter in the last 90 days.

  • We will target media outlets that write or talk about your news.

  • Each press release is sent by itself to the individual reporter, reviewer, host, producer, etc..
  • Every release is personally handled by one of our editors. Human interaction and input is what sets us aside from our competitors. We take the time to optimize each press release for maximum impact.
Note: You may add 2 adjacent states to a region, the only exception to this are Florida, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico / U.S. Virgin Islands and Texas; these states are always considered a separate region.

For instance, you may add NJ and NY to the the Mid Atlantic or Mississippi and Louisiana to the Deep South or Nevada to California.

Just let us know when you email us your release. Example: Add Oklahoma to my Texas distribution.

For larger distributions please use our 'National Press Release'.
For local press release distributions use our 'Local Press Release'.

You may define a National Press Release by regions as well. Example: NY, FL and CA.

Regional Press Release Delivery

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