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Book Press Releases Sent Directly To Book Reviewers, Publicist, 6700+ Independent Bookstores* and to Media Outlets:

Online Media Outlets, Search Engines, News Centers, News Blogs and Special Interest Blogs.

Online Media Outlets, Search Engines, News Centers, News Blogs Special Interest Blogs, RSS News Feeds.
Broadcast, TV, Radio, Talk Shows, Agents, Cable News, Cable Commentators, Pundits, Directors, Host

Broadcast, TV, Radio, Talk Shows, Agents, Cable News, Cable Pundits and Commentators, Directors, Host.
Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, Editors, Reporters.

Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, Editors, Reporters
Freelance - Syndicated - Columnist, Journalist
Media Outlets, News Wire, Freelance, Syndicated, Columnist, Journalist.

News Wire & More++

Book Press Release

How To Promote Your Book
Get The Publicity Your Book Needs
The Power Of A Press Release

Our press release service sends your book news release to reporters, journalist, editors, online news outlets and trade groups. We personally review each and every release and match it to a tailored audience to have optimal impact. We are competitively priced. Our method is the only way to get your news in front of those that write about it.

New Authors And New Book Release

Do you have a new book?
Are you a new author?
Looking for a publishers for you book?
Want book critics and commentators to review your book?
Would you like to get your writing in front of thousands of independent bookstores and book outlets?

We’ve put together a comprehensive package for new authors and new book release that includes multiple press releases for the initial release and promotion of your book.

Our 4 part program announces the books publishing date and availability in the first press release. The second press release details the initial positive reviews. The third press release details your book signing tour and appearances.

Complimenting this service, we include a topical pitch letter that is sent to all radio and TV program producers across the country outlining the authors points of interest for potential inclusion in there program.

Publishing the book yourself?
This package includes Internet news releases that are designed to drive interested buyers to your website.

In addition to targeting the media that writes and talks about new authors, new books and the media covers your subject matter; we now send your book press release to 6700+ Independent Bookstores and book outlets.

We send your press release directly to the people that can have an enormous impact, the reporters, journalists, editors, reviewers, independent book outlets, etc.
We post it online , SEO press release services included when requested.

The most consistent pre-sales questions we get are:

What makes you different from your competition?"
Why should I choose your service?"
What happens if I get little or no response to my press release?

Some of our competitors do a good job sending press releases, some even do what we do, highly targeted press releases direct to the reporter, editor, journalist, TV, radio, news outlet, etc. A small number even do what we do to personally optimize every press release.

We are the only service to offer you a guarantee.

We can't guarantee the reporter will like your story or product, nobody can. What we will guarantee is that if you're not delighted with the response we will send send another press release free of charge.

On any given day there are some random factors that can affect the success of a news release.

Like a lot of things in life, "timing" is critical, right place right time, wrong place wrong time, etc..

Timing is especially critical with a news release.

Here are some things that could  happen with your press releases.

Maybe it was a “heavy” news day, a major competitor or related product or service got all the press for that day or maybe your press release did get picked-up, but a national “big story” dominated the news.

We are the only press release service that will send another press release for you at no additional cost.

It doesn’t matter what happened, big news day, you had an emergency and couldn’t respond to reporters, your website was down, your email went down, your cell phone died, the copy for your release could have been better, anything.

Just write another release. Let us know you are not happy. And we'll send it, for no additional charge.

Oh, and before you wonder “Ok, let me see the fine print”, here it is:

The only restrictions are: the new release has to be about your company, products, services, news, events. i.e. you can’t give a friend a “free press release”.

The release has to be in the same category. i.e. if you are a new author and your first release was about your new book, the second one has to be about your book or a different book. You can’t make the second one about your "hardware store business". You have 30 days to request a new release.

That's it, end of "Fine print".

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We stand behind our service with a one of kind pledge and guarantee to you.

After taking a look around our website, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We have a variety of ways for you to contact us at your convenience, use our contact form, call us toll free at 1-888-775-1557or just drop us an .

Book Press Release Package
3 Releases, 1 Pitch Letter And Internet News Releases
National Press Release Delivery Plus Worldwide Delivery.
Sent To Online Media Outlets,
Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, News Wire & More USA And Worldwide.



Standard Single
Book Press Release
National Press Release Delivery Plus Worldwide Delivery.
Sent To Online Media Outlets,  Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, News Wire & More USA And Worldwide.

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