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Press Release

How To Write A Press Release
Expert Tips and Step-by-Step Process

The number one thing to remember when writing a press

A press release is a factual news story. It's not a sales letter.

The second thing to remember when writing a press release:

Give the reporter what they want - a factual, relevant,
exciting, "newsy" story.

*If you just follow the above 2 rules, your chances of getting a
good response improve dramatically.

How to write a press release step by step.

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An event press release.

An embargoed press release

Looking to improve the impact of your news release?
Here are some tips from our experts:

Put yourself in the reporter's shoes. Write for the reporter's readers.

Write in the third />
Keep your release short. The length is ideal at 350 to 500 words. Avoid 2nd pages.

Keep it simple - avoid industry specific words.

Find a good angle. Make your news release stand out.

Don't get fancy with formatting your release.

Formatting matters. Properly format and document the press release.
(click here for a sample)

Craft a headline that will appeal to the reporter's readers.

The first sentence of your first paragraph should be compelling, exciting, intriguing etc. Without overdoing praise of your product or service, make sure to capture the reader's attention.

Don't give old news.

Don't focus strictly on your products and services with every new press release. If your company gives back to the community, send a news release about it.

Try to leave readers "hanging", if you can - give enough information to make them want to find out more.

Provide as much relevant contact information as you can.

If you have a website, include a link to your main site and your press release page. Often, reporters will visit your site and pick up your releases from the past.

Proof-read, then proof-read again. Check your grammar and spelling, and make any necessary and beneficial corrections. Have several people read it over a few times for certainty.

Use caution with services that only post your release to free internet websites. These services cost around  $100. A few of these are good for building your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), but do little for getting your news to reporters.

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IIf it's been a while since you picked up a newspaper and read it, get a copy of the NY Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal. Get a feel for how a press release is written.

Be prepared!
When a reporter contacts you, know what you're going to say, but without sounding rehearsed. Be natural and well-informed. Have high resolution images, product samples and further information />
Most of all, don't wait for that perfect moment or story to put out a news release.

Larger companies have whole staffs devoted to news releases. They send out 10's or 100's on a regular basis.
Have you ever heard the cliché, "You can't buy that kind of advertising"?
A Press Release can give you 100's or even 1000's times more exposure than advertising will. One well-placed press release can catapult your business to the next level.

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How to write a press release step by step.

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