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Video Press Release Service - Distributed Directly To Journalists, Reporters, TV, Radio, B2B and More. 

Online Media Outlets, Search Engines, News Centers, News Blogs and Special Interest Blogs.

Online Media Outlets, Search Engines, News Centers, News Blogs, Special Interest Blogs, RSS News Feeds.
Broadcast, TV, Radio, Talk Shows, Agents, Cable News, Cable Commentators, Pundits, Directors, Host

Broadcast, TV, Radio, Talk Shows, Agents, Cable News, Cable Pundits and Commentators, Directors, Hosts.
Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, Editors, Reporters.

Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, Editors, Reporters
Freelance - Syndicated - Columnist, Journalist
Press Release Directly To: Media Outlets, News Wire, Freelance, Syndicated, Columnist, Journalist.
News Wire & B2B and More

Video Press Release

Our Video Press Release Service is the same as our National Press Release Service.

You get all the features and benifits of our National Press Release package, plus we format the release to link to your video.

All you need to do is send us the link to where your video is located, Youtube or Vimeo. We will do the rest.

Our Video Press Release Service sends your news release to; media outlets, reporters, journalist, editors, online news outlets, B2B and trade groups. We personally review each and every release and match it to a tailored audience to have optimal impact. We are competitively priced. Our method is the only way to get your news in front of those that review, write and talk about it.

We send your press release directly to the people that generate PR Buzz, the reporters, journalists, host, reviewers, DJ's, producers, editors and interested B2B groups. Every news release is sent by itself, we never group or bundle your release with others. Our database has over 2 million contacts broken down into individual target categories.

When you place your order we identify your categories based on reading your news release and by any special instructions you may have. Our staff editors add contacts, configure for internet release optimization and check for content quality. We select your media based on the content of your press release. The press is selected by relevance; If they have written on your subject matter recently and how often they have.

Every press release is different, the average regional press release is about 2000 to 5000 media outlets and a national / international press release averages from 4000 to 12,000 media outlets that will will receive your press release.

Every press release distribution is custom and carefully crafted. For more information about your press release call our editors @ 1-888-775-1557  

We will review a draft of your press release.
If you want an opinion or some feedback for no charge:
Send us a draft here:    
contact/@/ (remove the slashes /). 'Att: Review' in the subject line.

Video National Press Release Delivery Plus Worldwide Delivery.
Sent To Online Media Outlets,
Broadcast, TV, Newspapers, Trade Journals, Magazines, News Wire & More USA And Worldwide.

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Editing services are included*

If you need editing  for your press release just let us know. This service is included when you order a press release. You must supply us with the relevant content like website copy or a rough draft of what you want to say. *There is a charge for creative writing if you lack relevant copy; we will notify you first, in most cases relevant copy is always available. Just send us a draft, outline of what you want to say and webpage link to:  
contact/@/ (remove the slashes /). 'Att: Writing' in the subject line.

You will receive a distribution list of the media outlets that received your press release.