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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Rapid Press Release

We Get Results!"

And we back up that statement with our one of a kind performance guarantee, found nowhere else in this industry:
Satisfaction GuaranteedOur Pledge to you:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your press release results we will provide another press release free of charge. No strings, no hidden fees, no double talk, just provide us with your new press release, we will send it free of charge.
*Conventional mass media distribution services only (Regional-Local, National, International).

  1. Our media contacts database is huge, it contains over 2 million media contacts, over 350,000 B2B contacts; we have about 99% of all media contacts in the USA - Our database is much larger, by far, then almost all of our competition.

  2. We take the time and effort to personally review each and every press release and add additional targeting contacts that other press release companies miss. Most press release distribution companies only process your release via automated systems, your information is entered in the database and sent automatically to whatever the database says is your "target audience".

    At Rapid Press Release we use automated systems as well, but with one big difference, our editors reviews each press release for target relevance, then adds many more additional contacts to the distribution list. We have found that this method is absolutely critical to a highly successful press release. There is no substitute for the human factor.

  3. We are the "Low Cost" , "High Quality" leader!
    Our press release service is 30% lower than our competition for comparable services.

    We are a modern internet based company with low overhead, high volume/repeat business.
    Your success is our business, we take the extra steps to insure this.

  4. Customer service. When you speak with us via email, contact form or by phone you will be speaking directly with the person(s) who is actually crafting your press release's targeted distribution.

  5. Unlike other services, we never send your press release bundle together with other news releases.

    Each and every news release is sent individually and in accordance with how each journalist, reporter, editor, etc. specifies.

  6. Most press release services simply sell or resell other companies services with a mark up. We are not a reseller, we use our own in-house service. This is another significant reason reason why our clients get better pricing - we are not "marking up".

  7. Many "Press Release" services you will find online simply post your news release online, whether it's a free service or if pay $100.

    We also submit your press release to all the major online news services

    There's nothing wrong with "Online Only" if you are looking to improve your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). But if you want the "Press" to pick up your release, you need a highly targeted press release distribution service/
    We send your release directly to the reporter, journalist, editor, etc. These people have incredible power to get your news fantastic exposure. One press release can be worth a 1000 or more ad campaigns or free postings.

  8. Although we have clients from around the world, from large to small businesses, our primary focus is start/up, small and medium size businesses, new authors and SEO press release optimization located in the USA or do business in the USA.

  9. Our Expertise.

    Everyone on our senior staff has minimum of 15years experience in the marketing / public relations fields, unlike other press release companies that know little to nothing about marketing.
    This is a key factor on why our press release clients have a better chance for more exposure than our competitors. Each press release is read by one of our editors for content and proper targeting to the media. We will often suggest changes to your news release to increase the impact and results.

  10. We provide you with a detailed report of everybody who received your press release. We also provide free consultation on "what to do" when a reporter contacts you.

Highly Targeted Press Releases

*The above Guarantee applies to our conventional mass media distribution services only (Regional-Local, National, International). Our SEO services are separate from our conventional mass media distribution services. SEO distributions are "100% paid for results" to improve your websites ranking. Find out more about our SEO Press Release Services. New Media, Online Only services are also separate from our conventional mass media distribution services.
Find out more about our Online Press Release.
Retractions: Retractions concerning information about another entity other than yourself are not covered. Retractions are rare, but due occur, so double check information about other entities mentioned in your release.

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National Press Release Delivery Plus Worldwide Delivery.
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